Library rules and regulations

Everyone is welcome to use Hjørring Libraries, but in order to borrow materials, you need to be a registered user at the library.

Deadlines for returning materials:

  • Books: 4 weeks
  • Magazines: 2 weeks
  • CDs and CD-ROMs: 4 weeks
  • Films with technical content: 4 weeks
  • Movies: 1 week
  • Games: 2 weeks
  • Quick Loans are materials that can not be booked:
  • Quick loans: 2 weeks
  • Quick loans movie: 1 week

These are the general rules, but remember to ALWAYS check your receipts.
The receipts show the exact return date.

You use your National Health Insurance Card as your library card (the yellow health card). You must use this card each time you borrow materials from the library. When you register as a library borrower, you will have a PIN code assigned to the card that you must use when borrowing materials.

Children below the age of 18 years can have a special library card issued, if their parents do not want them to use their health card.
Children below the age of 18 years must be registered at the library via the page Ny på biblioteket.

You are personally liable for the materials borrowed with your card.
You must always remember to update any changes in name, address and telephone number/e-mail in your profile on the library website or announce the changes at the library.
If you loose your library card, you must notify the Library in order for the card to be blocked.
You can have a replacement card made – please see the Current Rate Sheet.

Daycares and public institutions can have an “Institutional Card” issued. 

Terms of Loans

When you borrow materials at the Library, you will get a receipt. The date for returning the materials will be visible on the receipt. Please always be aware of this date.

As a service, the Library will send you notices of the return date by e-mail, sms or postcard. These notices will be sent 3 days before the return date.

The receipts are considered as important documentation. It is therefore important that you save your receipts.

If you fail to return the borrowed materials in time, you must pay a fee in accordance with the current rate sheet. The fee is calculated on the basis of the exceeded return date.

Failure to pay fees or compensation for lost/damaged material in accordance with the current rate sheet/or amount of compensation may in accordance with the Law on Library Services result in exclusion from borrowing materials on the Library.

After approximately 3 months, the Municipality’s Payment Office will be noticed about the failure to pay the fee, which will result in an additional fee. You must pay this fee directly to the Payment Office.

Once you have paid your fee and the payment is registred, you will regain your right to borrow materials from the library. Please notice, that this may take up to 4 weeks.

Damaged/lost material must be replaced by a price set by the Library. Please notice that the replacement cost of for example DVD, Playstation and CD-ROM may be very high due to special licensing costs. Replaced material belongs to the Library

The library assumes no liability for any damage on the borrower’s hardware or software in connection with the use of borrowed materials.

The library can set limitations on the number of materials that can be borrowed.

Rules of Conduct

It is not permitted to use the Library’s Internet to search for material of a racist or pornographic nature. Use of the Library’s internet must be in accordance with Danish Law.

Users/Borrowers who do not show a respect for other users or who do not follow staff instructions, may be expelled from the library.


Complaints about the library can be sent to:

Hjørring Bibliotekerne
att. bibliotekschef Benthe Hansen
Østergade 30
9800 Hjørring


Hjørring Kommune
Plan, Kultur og Udvikling
Nørregade 2
9800 Hjørring