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Information about the library and it's services in english

Everyone is welcome to use Hjørring Libraries, but in order to borrow materials, you need to be a registered borrower at the library.

Foreign newspapers

Several foreign newspapers can be read via our service PressReader

Ethnic minorities

The library has smaller collections of materials in various immigrant languages. Currently on:
Biblioteket har mindre samlinger af materialer på forskellige indvandrersprog. I øjeblikket på:

Library Centre for Integration

The library helps to procure materials from the
Library Centre for Integration  which is a specialized library of books on ethnic minorities' own languages, music and DVD movies from their home countries. Library Centre for Integration is not open to the public, although all loans are made through public libraries.

BiblioteksCenter for Integration

Biblioteket hjælper med at skaffe materialer fra
BiblioteksCenter for Integration, som er et specialbibliotek for bøger på de etniske minoriteters egne sprog samt musik og dvd-film fra hjemlandene.

BiblioteksCenter for Integration er ikke åbent for publikum, alle udlån foregår via folkebibliotekerne.